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As the next State Representative, I pledge to you:

1) Provide Robust Constituent Services (customer Service) - I will read every email and regular mails, answer your phone messages and respond to your messages, emails and mails within 72 hours.Why? Because every phone call, email or regular mail is very important to you. So it is my primary responsibility as your representative to respond to, or at the very least acknowledge, your inquiry. After all your your tax dollars are paying me to represent you on Beacon Hill.

2) Hold District Hour - I hold district hours at least two times a week or as needed. This is so that you can schedule to visit me during my office hours or stop by the office to discuss your concerns/needs and/or suggestion without having to commute all the way to Boston. Or simply to come by and say hello and shake hands.

3) Hold Quarterly Meeting - I will schedule and hold regular town-hall meeting in the district. In such meeting, I will provide updates of happenings on Beacon Hill, going on legislative process as well as to listen to your concerns/needs.

4) Attend Neighborhood Meetings - I will attend regularly scheduled neighborhood meetings. I will keep the constituents of the district informed of the happenings at the State House. I will listen to as well as gather the needs/concerns of the neighborhood.

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